240 lbs M-58 series  hunting  crossbow with 32 X 4 scope

This crossbow can pack a punch , with 240 lbs of draw is maybe the  most powerful crossbow on E-bay.

Sturdy build , the  stock  is made out of solid catalpa wood , body is made out of aluminum and steel limbs .


Type: Compound Bow
PRICE: $244.99



150 lbs High precision M4 tactical crossbow with magazine

This bad boy is a concept crossbow  inspired in the legendary M4 Colt  tactical carbine. 

This crossbow is designed to shoot steel balls with high accuracy, it has a military style cannon tip do increase accuracy.

It also has a magazine for steel balls that loads by itself .

150 lbs  M84-A6  folding limb  high accuracy crossbow .

This crossbow stands out for its portability and accuracy.

It is capable of folding its limbs so it can be carried easily.

Sturdy build , made out of solid wood , steel and aluminum. 

Type: Compound Bow
PRICE: $350.99
Type: Recurve Bow
PRICE: $149.99